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Dr. Greg Chapell, D.C., B.S., F.I.C.P.A.

Dr. Greg grew up in Dayton, Ohio. He graduated from Fairmont West High School in 1968. He was a National Honor Society student, President of the varsity athletic club, class officer his senior year, and received the Scholar Athlete and Christian Athlete Awards.

In 1974 he graduated from San Jose State University in California with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. He went on to successfully run a family sales agency.

In the early eighties, he made a career change that was his true life`s calling. In 1982 he moved to Atlanta to attend Life Chiropractic College (now Life University) and graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1986 with his Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree.

While at Life, he worked in the research department participating in a variety of research studies. One of these studies, designed and conducted with a colleague, was published in “Today’s Chiropractor”, Sept. 1985. By far the most important thing that happened during that time was his marriage to Lyn!

Dr. Greg and Lyn wanted to be around mountains and water and decided on New Hampshire to open their first practice. Over the next twelve years they built a large successful family practice.

During this time, Dr. Greg held various leadership positions including President of the New Hampshire Straight Chiropractic Society and Vice President of the New Hampshire Chiropractic Educational Council. While President of the N.H.S.C.S. he participated on committees involving Blue Cross/Blue Shield program analysis and development, Medicaid benefit program analysis, and worker?s compensation internal review process.

He was also a member of the International Chiropractor?s Association and the World Chiropractic Alliance for whom he was a state representative. During this time he also had the distinct honor of being chosen to participate as a consensus committee member for establishing national practice guidelines for straight chiropractic at the Wyndham Conference in 1992. In 1996 Dr. Greg and Lyn made a trip to China to adopt their daughter, Callie.

In 1987, they decided to take a sabbatical. After a year and a half, and much searching, they visited the Traverse City area and immediately fell in love with it. They opened their new practice in

Extra Curricular Education Courses Attended

2017: Mar.
  • Inflammation – Dr. Boven

2015: Nov.

  • Longevity – Dr. Murphy


  • Whiplash – Soft Tissue Injuries & Long Term Prognosis


  • ICD-10 coding & Billing – Sr. Gwilliam

2014: May

  • Extremity Adjusting – Dr. Charrette
  • Clinical Relevance – Dr. Harger

2013: Oct.

  • Caring for Elite Athletes – Dr. Colgan

2012: Sept.

  • Nutrition and Diagnostics – Dr. Lee


  • Care of Children with Neorodevelopment Disorders Pt. 2 – Dr. Buerger

2011: Oct.

  • Care of Children with Neorodevelopment Disorders Pt. 1 – Dr. Buerger


  • Biomedical & Nutritional Approaches to Autism
  • Neuro-sensory Disorders – Dr. Buerger
  • Chiropractic Philosophy – Dr. Bill Demoss
  • Extremity Adjusting – Dr. Charrette

2010: Oct.

  • Ethics, Boundaries, and Risk Management
  • Toggle Recoil Tech. – Dr. Hoffman

2009: May

  • Golf and Back Pain – Dr. Seaman
  • Evidenced Based Wellness – Dr. Chestnut


  • Decompression Therapy – Dr. Reed

2008: April

  • Pain Management
  • Treating the Geriatric Patient

2007: October

  • Radiology – Dr. Maola
  • Case Management Brian Hoag
  • Building a Cash Practice – Dr. Polermo

2006: October

  • Documentation – Dr. Klapp

2005: August

  • Dr. James Chestnut – Wellness Certification Module #4
  • WellnessPhysical Fitness and Spinal Hygiene


  • Dr. James Chestnut – Wellness Certification Module #3
  • WellnessState of Mind, Emotional Health and Secrets of Eliciting Patient
  • LifestyleChange

2004: March

  • Pediatrics – Neurological Validation Of The Vertebral Subluxation Complex – Dr. JamesChestnut


  • Dr. James Chestnut – Wellness Certification Module #1
  • Foundational Principles of Wellness


  • Dr. James Chestnut – Wellness Certification Module #2
  • Wellness Nutrition & Hygiene

2003: January

  • Pediatrics
  • Dr. James Thompson – Explanation, Analysis & Spinal Correction Of
  • Children


  • Pediatrics Certification
    Dr. Jeanne Ohm – Prenatal care, Pregnancy, and The Birth Process

2002: October

  • Pediatrics
  • Dr. Stephen Rowe – Radiology Of The Pediatric Patient
  • Dr. Joel Alcantera – Clinical Biomechanics and Current Research
  • Dr. Carol Phillips – Neonatal Chiropractic And Crainosacral
  • Therapy


  • Pediatrics Certification
  • Dr. Stephen Marini ? Effects of Vaccination on the Immune System


  • Chiropractic Masters ? Various Speakers
  • Chiropractic Philosophy and Principles

2001: May

  • Torque Release Technique
  • Dr. Jay Holder


  • Torque Release Technique


  • Pediatrics Conference – Various Speakers
  • Ear Infections, Nutrition for Kids, Clinical Considerations

2000: Nov.

– Pediatric Examination and Adjusting Techniques
Dr. Claudia Anrig – Certification course


– Pediatric Adjusting Tech. & The Abused Child
Dr. Armand Rossi – Certification course

1999: Aug.

– Holistic Practice Principles – Dr. Brimhall

1998: Jan.

– Cranial Adjusting and The Pediatric Patient
Dr. Carol Phillips

1996: Sept.

– Neurology and The Chiropractic Office
Dr. Yvonne Yurichko


– Philosophy and Vitalism – Dr. Duke

1995: Oct.

– Chiropractic Without A Doubt
Drs. Kent and Gentempo


– Neuroemotional Technique(Advanced) – Dr. Walker

– Network Spinal Analysis (Advanced) Dr. Donald Epstein


– Neuroemotional Technique(Basic) – Dr. Walker


– Current Literature Validating Chiropractic
Dr. Malik Slosberg

1994: Oct.

– Network Spinal Analysis (Basic)
Dr. Donald Epstein


– Xray Pathology Review – Dr. Robert Schlamp

1993: May

– Medico-legal Considerations – Dr. Dan Murphy


– Pediatrics: Evaluation and Adjusting
Dr. Claudia Anrig and Dr. Judy Forrester


– Pierce Technique – Dr. Walter Pierce

– Whiplash Induced Temperomandibular Disorders
Dr. Dennis Steigerwald

1992: June

– Pierce Technique – Dr. Walter Pierce


– Chiropractic Biophysics – Dr. Don Harrison

1991: March

– Neuroimmune Communications and Chiropractic
Dr. Stephen Marini


– Waiting List Practice – Spinal Biophysics Technical

1990: April

– Radiographic Evaluation of the Spine
Dr. Terry Yocum


– Spinal Biophysics – Part 5 – Dr. Dan Murphy
(Postural Relationships to Systemic Health)


– Whiplash and Spinal Trauma – Dr. Dan Murphy

1989: Mar.

– Soft Tissue Injuries – Dr. Warren Hammer


– Whiplash Syndromes – Drs. Croft and Foreman


– Spinal Biophysics – Part 2 – Dr. Don Harrison


– Spinal Biophysics – Part 3 – Dr. Don Harrison


– Spinal Biophysics – Part 4 – Dr. Don Harrison

1988: Sept.

– Neurology Diagnosis


– Neuromuscular Applications


– Pain

1989: Feb.

– Clinical Application

1988: Mar.

– Pettibon Spinal Biomechanics
Parts 3 and 4 – Dr. Burl Pettibon

1987: Aug.

– Low Back Disorders


– Pettibon Spinal Biomechanics
Parts 1 and 2 – Dr. Burl Pettibon


– Whiplash and Spinal Trauma – Dr. Dan Murphy

1986: Jan.

– Applied Kinesiology:
Cervical and Lumbar Disc Lesions – Dr. John Bandy


– X-ray Review – Dr. Robert Schlamp


– Lumbo-sacral Neuroanatomy Disection –
Drs. Sweat & Weaver


– Physiotherapy Practical Application
Electro Medical of Atlanta

1985: Jan.

– Motion Palpation – Dr. Pletein


– Psychological Bodytyping – Bill Wakeman (VitaCentering)

– Applied Kinesiology:
Metabolic Dysfunction and Bodytyping – Dr. John Bandy


– Applied Kinesiology: Computer Moding – Dr. J. Bandy

– Joint Pain – Dr. Minnell


– Sacro-occipital Technique – Dr. John Sarkin

– Nimmo-Receptor Tonus Tech. – Dr. Sharon Laws


– Applied Kinesiology – Dr. Frank Sabatino


– Extremity Adjusting – Dr. Kevin Hearon


– Bioenergetic Synchronization Tech. (B.E.S.T.)
Dr. Ted Morter


– Low Back – Dr. James Cox


– Cervical Neuroanatomy Dissection
Drs. Sweat & Weaver

Series Seminars:

  • Erhardt X-ray Seminars – 100 hour courseDr. Russel Erhardt
  • Applied Kinesiology – 100 Hour Course – Dr. Dan Duffy
  • Low Back (Four part series) – Dr. Paul Markey
  • Atlas Orthogonality (Basic 2,3,4) – Dr. Roy Sweat


  • Neurology Diplomate Program – Dr. Ted Carrick