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Target Heart Rate Calculator


1. Determine maximum heart rate:

220 – Your age = __________ _______ (Maximum Heart Rate -MHR)


2. Determine target heart rate when beginning an exercise program:

_______ X 60% = _______________
MHR                           Target Heart Rate

Determine target heart rate which is appropriate after you’ve been exercising for awhile:

_______ X 80% = _______________
MHR                          Target Heart Rate
3. Divide that by 6 to get how many heartbeats you should get for a ten second count (monitor beats at Radial or Carotid arteries).

Example: 220 – 40 yrs. old = 180
180 X .60 = 108 = target beats per min. during exercise.
Divide 108 by 6 to get beats per ten sec. count = 18


4. Monitor activity intensity:

If your beats for the ten sec. count are above your THR, lower your intensity, don’t do inclines / hills, etc.
If your beats are below THR, increase speed, use incline / hills, get your arms pumping above your head, use weights, etc.


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